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Tecnotree Moments Fifa 22 Tournament Rules

General points:

The rules listed below must be followed at all times by all participants. Anyone who registers on the VQ platform agrees,understands and will follow the rules.
We welcome all nationalities living in Egypt to join our tournament.

    Player behavior:
  • All players are required to act respectfully towards other competitors and with any member of the management team, if a player is found guilty of misconduct by the moderators, he may be banned or disqualified.
VQ Time zone:

By default, all times given are GMT +2

Important Rules:

It is not possible to change the account during the tournament for any reason.
It is not possible to change the account information that you registered on the site until the end of the tournament.
Cheating or using glitches and bugs are not allowed and whoever violates this will be disqualified.
Intentionally losing from the opposing team is one of the methods of cheating.
In the event of doubting the opposing team, you must wait for the decision of the person responsible for your match and abide by his decision until the end of the match, then you can protest against his decision.
Players should add each other on PSN before the time of the match within one hour and start to play with each other on the matches date and time.
The two players should send a screenshot on their channel on discord.
The maximum waiting time before the match starts is 10 minutes, and whoever does not do so will be disqualified, and the other player will be considered the winner of this match.
When a player notices any kind of cheating, he informs VQ moderators. Any decision made by VQ regarding the review of fraud reports is not permitted to be viewed or protested.
Finals will be played (Offline) (location will be announced on our social media).
You must have a Discord account, and join the VQ server. Only you can modify your registration data on the site before closing the registration.

Game Rules:

Game mode: friendlies
Game speed: normal
Length: 6 minutes
Team size: 1vs1

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