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msvgo is one of the most upcoming Maths & Science learning apps for SSS1 (changes per grade). Just by spending 20 minutes a day on msvgo, students can score higher marks in their exams. msvgo is a one-stop solution with 15,000+ 3D learning videos, textbook solution videos, timed practice tests, interactive Maths skill games, a shareable notes library and much more.

All of the learning content is developed by experts and mapped to the school syllabus. msvgo has high-quality & engaging animated videos that bring every chapter to life with 3D visuals and detailed animations. Using msvgo, students can understand any topic within minutes, and save time on learning as well as revisions. With rapid revisions and timed practice tests, msvgo prepares students well for exams.

This course aims to develop students’ understanding of mathematical and science concepts to solve applied problems. It provides all the tools you need to master essential concepts in General Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Basic Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Learners will be able to use interpretive and reasoning skills in Math and science in a systematic way, which will further enable them to apply these learnings in real-world situations. The course is designed for students to pursue mathematics and science at a higher level. Here, you will learn:

  • Number and numeration in general mathematics
  • A thorough understanding of concepts and techniques of basic operations in general mathematics
  • Know the fundamentals of algebra processes
  • Master mensuration and geometry
  • Everyday statistics from general mathematics
  • Learn about our environment
  • All you need to know about you and energy in basic science
  • A complete course on science and development

Our goal is to make high quality education accessible to every student. That’s why msvgo is available across all devices, convenient for all to be accessed from anywhere, anytime.


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